Trained and certified in:
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Feng Shui Counsultant II

Studied, trained and influenced by Dr. Brian Weiss, Louise Hays, Tasso International, EKAA Foundation and Dr. Sha. 
Doctorate of Hypnotherapy
Other accomplishments:
  • Founder Healing Hearts and Souls
  • Founder Being Free Network
  • Director India Institute of Fashion           and Design Goa

​Writer for:
  • B.N.A. Germany Movie Mag
  • Times of India
  • Author II


15 years experience

Fashion and interior design by profession Dr. Anu, a popular name given to her by all, by turn of life events changed her career into realms of the para and futuristic field of science dealing with the energy forces and the theory of mind.  Always a dreamer her interest lay in the unseen worlds and unspoken emotions.  A clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, past life regressionist, master and spiritual healer, she also deals with channelized meditation and practices EFT for the betterment and resolving issues like none other.  Dr Anu is an integrated radical healer and counselor who along with different modalities endorses the TAO discipline and teachings; an amazing world of understanding the Chinese science and teachings of the power of soul.  Her belief lies in reaching the core of the inner child to enhance a better adult life and issues.


Personal Message:


It is my intention to offer you a path to discovery, analysis and resolution of conflicts within your inner-self that affect your life here and now. I provide this guidance with utmost caring and confidentiality. Every obstacle you overcome, and every goal you reach brings me one step closer to self-fulfillment. As a practitioner of holistic healing--your well-being is my well-being. 

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