Chakra healing can be defined as a process aiming at influencing how energy moves through the chakras of the human body.  It is often referred to as chakra balancing because its goal is to restore the optimal balance between the energy centers.
What is chakra healing?
When the chakra system functions properly, it is characterized by several properties:

  • Balance, overall equilibrium

  • Distinction between the different quality of energies or frequencies associated with each chakra

  • Appropriate intensity or level of energy of each chakra

  • Appropriate direction (clockwise or counterclockwise)

  • Appropriate polarity (inward and outward flow, or reception and expression)

Stresses placed on us by the demands of life may result in interruptions and fluctuations in our energy flow and chakra imbalances.  A chakra imbalance can affect jow much energy flows through the chakra or chakra system.  A chakra is deficient when the energy is “blocked” or it is “closed up”.  A chakra is overactive when the energy flow is excessively increased and not regulated.  The position of the energetic field associated with one or several chakras is displaced causes imbalance.  Balancing consists in establishing sufficient and consistent flow where there is not enough, regulating energy where there’s too much, and aligning where there’s distortion or displacement.
Chakra Correction through:

  • Chakra balancing meditation

  • Chakra balancing music

  • Chakra balancing yoga

  • Chakra balancing exercises

  • Chakra balancing stones / crystals

  • Chakra balancing techniques

Restoring the power of your chakras is about how you can take back control of your health and wellness by learning to work with energy