​Will I lose control?

This is another Hollywood myth. You always have control, and you can always hear what's going on. Hypnosis is nothing but a state of relaxed deep focus. It is a natural state that you enter at least twice a day (while waking up and while falling asleep!), and probably much more often than that. If at any time you are in trance and you wish to be fully awake, you can just count to yourself "1 - 2- 3" and open your eyes.
Is Hypnosis dangerous?

​Myths about hypnosis, perpetuated by Hollywood movies, urban legends and fiction books lead people to think all kinds of things about hypnosis, including that it is somehow dangerous. Some people have heard that you can go into trance and not wake up. Or that the hypnotist can make you do things you don't want to do. These things are untrue. You are always in control, always able to "came back" to full waking state at anytime if you wanted or needed to. The number one job of the subconscious mind is to protect you, and it is always on the job.  The only risk is the goal may not be achieved and that is due to resistance on behalf of the client who may not be ready to change his/her own belief systems.
How long will past life regression therapy take?

The session usually runs for about two hours.  However, if I am working with someone, I will not end the session prematurely regardless of the time. So it is possible on rare occasion that a session will run even longer. 
Helpful hint:Because of this, it is helpful to eat prior to the session so as not to be hungry during the session. A growling stomach during the session can be distracting.
Will skeletons come out the cupboard without my permission?

Can I get stuck in a past life?

No, it is not possible to get stuck in a past life any more than it is possible to remember your childhood and get stuck in that.
What you will experience is often very vivid and will seem very real, as if you are experiencing it in the moment…yet you are still sitting in a therapy chair in this time and place.
As such, be prepared for some strong feelings and possibly physical reactions. Something akin to watching a powerful engrossing movie but notched up a bit – as if you are a character in the movie rather than someone watching. These are all part of your story.