​Healing is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning. Multiple healing methods are available to help you find inner and outer balance.

Transpersonal Regression Therapy is a walk towards emotional freedom, making life richer and fuller with love joy and laughter !!!  Transpersonal Regression consist of two stages--exploratory and therapy.

Regression Therapy does not use hypnosis to induce a trance.  We let the trance grow naturally from getting the clients absorbed in their symptoms by what are called ‘bridge’ techniques.
We try to work as direct, short and focused as possible.  We do not avoid apparently weird experiences like past lives, discarnate experiences, attached spirits and prehuman experiences, but remain grounded at all times.  Clients may enter transpersonal experiences and spiritual states, but we start with common sense.  And we end there as well.
The basis of our therapy is counseling: being able to effectively interview a client, to establish trust, to stimulate the client‘s self-confidence.  On the basis of that we use three methodologies: regression, personification and energy work. Each session has elements of all three.
Regression is finding, exploring, reliving and clarifying past experiences.  It is going back to the origin of problems and decisions. Personification is representing the causes and the solution of problems as persons, often sub-personalities, often other, even unknown people.  Energy work is visualizing and feeling the problem or its solution in or around the body.  Energy work resembles energy healing somewhat, the main difference being that the clients are doing their own healing and the therapist only facilitates.
Introductory relaxation, visualization or hypnosis are usually left to clients who choose hypnosis as therapy.  The only thing that counts, is to find the right “bridge”, the most natural entry.  The simplest bridge that is sufficient as an induction is localizing an actual emotion in the body.  But for many people, emotions are remote or their body is remote.  As many traumas have postulates tied in, we can use those as entry points.  Postulates are embodied in key sentences. Repetition of the key sentence often unlocks the underlying problem.
Through the emotional bridge, somatic bridge or postulate bridge we can uncover most problems.  While dealing with them, where they originated.