What to expect on your first visit.

If this is your first initial consultation you will need to call me first before scheduling the appointment. 
​We will spend a few minutes, in this complimentary consultation, talking about your issues. 
​This is to ascertain that we have a rapport and can proceed. ​

You are not alone.

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Decide which type of session makes you feel most comfortable.

Please call before scheduling your first initial consultation appointment.


In-Person Office Session


Skype to Skype Session


Live Chat Session


The first 60-minute session, whether it is in my home office, online video or online chat, begins with you completing an intake sheet and a confidentiality agreement.  Together, we will target your issues and establish your goals for healing. No issue is too small or too large. All afflictions can be worked through with support and determination. We can tackle problems such as weight loss , bad habits, phobias, releasing toxic relationships, abuse, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, negative habits, negative thoughts, regrets, shame, inhibitions fear of success, self-esteem and more.

Most sessions will include both EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a Guided Visualization (positive imaging), which is the hypnotherapy segment of the session. As a  hypnosis professional, I will assist you in closing off negative neural (brain) pathways and creating new neural (brain) pathways, helping the brain to reorganize for healthier thinking and behavior. For your thoughts are your reality.

We'll begin by discussing what you think is stopping you from achieving your goals and potential.  What are those things that you would like to 'let go of'?  Once a list of mental and physical stressors are identified work can begin on the RELEASE.

The RELEASE is a method of freeing ones-self from inhibitions, fears, regrets and other stressors that contribute to our downfall.  I'll train you to utilize the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  EFT is one of the Energy Psychologies of tapping, releasing, and letting go based on ancient Chinese methodologies. 

Next, we'll discuss the things you would like to do that you feel will have a positive effect on your life.   Such as, weight loss, gain financial independence, learn yoga and meditation, break free from a toxic relationship...the list is infinite and personal.   With those positive thoughts fresh in your mind we'll begin a Guided Visualization.

I'll guide you in your visualization through a Progressive Relaxation Hypnosis session. The session begins with you choosing imagery of a beautiful and safe place to go to in your mind--a tropical beach, a mountain top, meandering river--whatever makes you feel peaceful.  Once calm is achieved I'll introduce positive suggestions based upon previously discussed positive actions.

​Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is an effective alternative to other behavioral therapies.

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions

  • Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions

  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

I like to see my clients for a minimum of three (3) sessions, regardless of your particular issues, because this is a process to be worked through.  At the end of 3 sessions, you will evaluate your situation and decide if you feel complete or if you wish to continue with more  hypnotherapy sessions.


Please go to the make an appointment page, select the type of session and check for available appointment dates and times.  If you require a specific date and time feel free to call or message me and I will see if I accommodate you.

In-person Sessions - appointments are in my home office in Caranzalem, Miramar, Goa and/or at the Rejuvenation Center in Candolim, Goa with prior bookings.

Online Live Chat  Sessions -  please make sure you have an established Skype account and proper camera, headphone and mic set-up before appointment.  Also, make sure you are in a comfortable and private setting.

Skype to Skype Video Sessions - please make sure you have an established Skype account and proper camera, headphone and mic set-up before appointment.  Also, make sure you are in a comfortable  and private setting.


Fees are for all sessions, whether in-person or online.

Counseling and Therapy 60 minute per session Rs. 3000
​Counseling only 30 minute per session Rs. 1500
Past Life Regression session is Rs. 6000 (time may vary not to exceed two hours)

​I accept cash, paytm, and cheques once an established client.


I am not responsible for any claims as each client differs in response and cooperation.  Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.  Time is money.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give me a two-day (48 hour) notice.